The Divinity Effect

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I am so joyful to see that you have arrived at this site and that you are considering the "Divinity Effect".
Your path defined by reading, studying, inquiring and soul searching has led you to these words on this page. Your present religion and your present spiritual practice have carried you to this moment and dropped you off at the doorstep of the "Divinity Effect". That is what you have really wanted all along. That is what the founders of your religion really wanted you to do all along but couldn't just come right out with it because they thought you would not "get it". And they were right. Mostly! But not completely.

The truth is that when your religion was founded, promoted and institutionalized most people were not ready for the "Divinity Effect". But that was then. And you are not like most people. Most people did not navigate to this site and click on the words "Divinity Effect". But you did.
That is meaningful. It means that you are still inquiring. It means you still have questions. The Divinity Effect is the answer to your questions. You may be surprised. You may even be disappointed. But I assure you that you will find no other answer in any other book at any other time in any other world.

But wait! Do not flip through the pages in hopes of finding a word or a sentence or a paragraph that is "the answer". It is not like that. The Divinity Effect book is a guide to a path that leads to answers that will come to you, personally, will know where from when you experience The Divinity Effect (the event).

I have two questions for you:
How well do you want to "know God"???
How much do you want to be "Godly" or "God Like" or "Like God"???
The Divinity Effect is a book that describes a process that influences the integration of lifestyle and spiritual practice. Do not be alarmed by any similarity the language of this book has with "conventional" religiious jargon. Do not think for a minute that the words of this book have been sterilized or compromized from the original meanings to "fit" into custom, culture or politically correct society. The process outlined in this book will not integrate with your present religion or your present spiritual practice. The process outlined in this book will fulfill the purpose of your present religious and/or spiritual practice. Your present religious and/or spiritual practice is like a shuttle limo that has taken you to the airport. The Book called "Divinity Effect" is your boarding pass. The process outlined in this book is the Boing 707 that takes you to your destination ... which is a marvelous event, also called "The Divinity Effect".
The Divinity Effect is for those who answered the two questions above with something like the following words:
I want to see God face to face!
I want to be like God in every way. Image and likeness. Body and blood.
But don't trust me on this. Just read it and trust your hearts response to these words of Love, Life and Indigo Light.

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